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Writing Themselves In 4: the health and wellbeing of LGBTQA+ young people in Australia. South Australia summary report.

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This report summarises key findings from Writing Themselves In 4 that are specific to participants who were resident in South Australia (SA) at the time of completion. It is designed to complement the national report by providing
data relating to specific topics broken down at the state

This report covers issues that can at times represent
challenges for LGBTIQA+ young people (such as mental
health, discrimination or abuse) as well as aspects of life
that can enhance health and wellbeing (such as supportive
relationships and community engagement).

For a full account of study processes, please refer to the national report While the sample of 640 LGBTQA+ young people in South Australia represents the largest ever survey of this population, it is an insufficient number to break responses down according to gender identity, sexuality or other key demographic characteristics. These are reported on, where possible, in the national report, which also includes a full account of recommendations for policy, practice and future research with and for LGBTQA+ young people in Australia.

ARCSHS Monograph series number 128.