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Dave has a PhD in radioastronomy and microwave spectroscopy and degrees in chemistry, chemical engineering, and physics. He is boundary-crossing, multi-skilled lateral thinker with unusually broad, highly relevant formal academic training in physics, chemistry, chemical engineering, and mathematics. He is ranked 227th out of 81,000 medicinal chemists, and 999th out of 520,000 chemists worldwide. He focuses strongly on fundamental science that can be translated for impact. He has published over 250 research papers (e.g. Chem. Rev., Nat. Mater., Nature Mach. Intell., Angew. Chem., PNAS, Adv. Mater.) and book chapters, almost 60 research and client reports, is an inventor on 25 patents. His H-index 45 and i10 index 126. He as several editorial board vappointments on high impact journals. He is the recipient of International awards and honours including the Herman Skolnik award (ACS, informatics), Adrien Albert award (RACI, medicinal chemistry), a Royal Academy of Engineering Distinguished



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