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The effect of waterhole permanency and hydrological connectivity on fish community composition in a dryland river.

posted on 01.09.2020, 23:52 authored by Nissa Davies
MMCP Collaboration (MMCP) is a project supported by the Joint State Governments and the Murray-Darling Basin Authority to generate and adopt freshwater ecological knowledge through collaboration, to maintain research capability and contribute supporting science to underpin the Basin-Wide Watering Strategy.

Student support is an important component of MMCP. Postgraduate students carry out high-quality research at a reasonable cost and make an important contribution to the development of aquatic research capability. Student support for this thesis, was provided through the provision of a honours scholarships.

The aims of this study are to examine: (1) fish assemblages across a range of waterholes with varying levels of permanency; (2) fish assemblages during different levels of hydrological connectivity (i.e. waterholes connected and waterholes disconnected; and (3) the relative influence of local and regional factors on fish community composition.


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La Trobe University; CSIRO

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