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Understanding LGBTI+ Lives in Crisis

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posted on 2022-12-15, 04:13 authored by Andrea WalingAndrea Waling, Gene LimGene Lim, Sheila Dhalla, Anthony LyonsAnthony Lyons, Adam BourneAdam Bourne

In partnership with Lifeline Australia, and with support from QLife and ACON, this research report presents findings of lesbian (L), gay (G), bisexual (B), transgender (T), intersex people (I), and other sexual identity and gender diverse individuals (+) use of crisis support services (CSS) in Australia. This is the first research of its kind in Australia that explores the needs of LGBTI+ people during a time of personal or mental health crises. It focuses on their uptake and familiarity with crisis support services in Australia, their perceptions and experiences with crisis support services, and where they might seek other professional mental health service support during a time of crisis. This study enhances the evidence base for those working to design, resource or deliver services to meet the needs of LGBTI people in Australia during times of crisis.



  • School of Psychology and Public Health

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Lifeline Australia


La Trobe University & Lifeline Australia

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