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Transition costs: Improving young people’s career choices and post-school pathways

posted on 2022-01-27, 05:29 authored by Buly CardakBuly Cardak, Jaslene Lin, Matthias Kubler, Cain Poldano, Chris Ryan, Wojtek Tomaszewski, Ning Xiang
In this study we examine whether there are groups of school graduates that may benefit from improved career information while at school, based on differences across expected graduate labour market outcomes associated with chosen post-secondary courses. We compare expected outcomes associated with course choice across groups that may differ in their information, preferences and ability to respond to information, focusing on differences by SES. Expected labour market outcomes associated with course choices are estimated using national survey data of initial destinations of past graduates by course field of study and course level, including the projected trajectories of these initial destinations over a longer career.


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Queensland Department of Education

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Institute for Social Science Research

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