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The Critical Interventions Framework Part 2: Equity Initiatives in Australian Higher Education: A review of evidence of impact

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posted on 2021-07-15, 10:22 authored by A Bennett, Ryan NaylorRyan Naylor, K Mellor, M Brett, J Gore, Andrew Harvey, R James, B Munn, M Smith, G Whitty

This report provides an overview of the equity initiatives in Australian higher education that have demonstrated their effectiveness through published impact studies or through participation in our national survey. The report also presents two important resources for program providers and policy makers to enhance the provision and evaluation of equity programs: a supplement of featured initiatives per stage of the student life-cycle; and a framework that provides a summary of the detail about equity program and evaluation types for general reference. Many different types of programs demonstrate effectiveness within the various stages of the student life-cycle. There is no one specific, most effective program per stage, although there are common, underlying factors that contribute to impact. Throughout the following sections of the report, these key features and strengths are identified. An important recurring theme from this study is the interdependence of features that make an initiative effective. Singling out unitary aspects as if they work alone is not possible, as the evidence shows that a more holistic and multifaceted approach is required within any one program.


The work described in this report was funded by a grant from the Australian Government Department of Education and Training. The grant was made under the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program.


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