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Review of Environmental factor "Aquatic" Junction Bridge

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posted on 2023-03-23, 17:57 authored by Daryl Nielsen
"February 2004".

Project Number: Review of Environmental Factors - "Aquatic" - Junction Bridge Tumut River - M/04/694 - M/BUS/69.

MDFRC item.

A survey of the Tumut River 300 metres either side of Junction Bridge was carried out on Thursday, 19 February 2004. The river was sampled for macroinvertebrates and aquatic plants. Flows and depth precluded the sampling of fish using electro fishing equipment. The aquatic community in the natural drainage system of the lower Murray River catchment is listed under NSW legislation as an “endangered aquatic community” ( This includes the Tumut River downstream of Blowering Dam. Therefore a NSW Fisheries 8 point test needs to be completed (Appendix 1). Criteria for determining the need for and level of environmental impact assessment in Australia (ANZECC Criteria) has also been addressed (Appendix 2).


Funding agency: Booth Associates. Client: Booth Associates.


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Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre.

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MDFRC Consultancy Report.


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Open Access. This report has been reproduce with the publishers permission. Permission to reproduce this report must be sought from the publisher. Copyright (2004) Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre.

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