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Recommendations from the 2021 Australasian Society for Autism Research “Health, Wellbeing and Suicide Prevention in Autism” Conference and Roundtable - Final report and policy brief (brief now translated to Portuguese)

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posted on 2022-07-12, 00:06 authored by Darren HedleyDarren Hedley, Sarah Cassidy, Chris Templin, Susan Hayward, Alexandra HaschekAlexandra Haschek, Erin Bulluss, Jac Den Houting, Kairi Kõlves, Brenna Maddox, Lisa Morgan, Rachel Moseley, Aspasia Stacey RabbaAspasia Stacey Rabba, Axel-Nathaniel Rose, Mark Stokes, Robyn Young


This report and policy brief was compiled with international leaders and researchers in the fields of autism health and wellbeing, suicide prevention research and policy, and people with lived experience. It is intended to: 

1. Raise awareness of the increased suicide risk within the autistic community. 

2. Identify gaps in research and practice. 

3. Identify solutions and a course of action to reduce suicide behaviour and death by suicide within the autistic community. 

This document represents a call to action for international governments and instrumentalities to take a position of leadership and address the problem of suicide and suicide associated distress within the autistic community.

Policy brief now translated to Portuguese - thank you to  Voz do Autista 


Australasian Society for Autism Research (ASfAR)

Darren Hedley is supported by a Suicide Prevention Australia National Suicide Prevention Research Fellowship.


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