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Improving research use in international development: An RDI action research project

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posted on 2023-01-11, 05:58 authored by Maya Cordeiro, Elisabeth JacksonElisabeth Jackson, Christopher AdamsChristopher Adams, Roche Anna
Citation: Cordeiro M, Jackson E, Adams C, Roche A (2020). Improving Research Use in International Development: An RDI Network Action Research Project. Research for Development Impact Network, Canberra.
The Improving Research Use in International Development, RDI Network Action Research Project aimed to bring together policymakers, practitioners and researchers to better understand the individual and organisational drivers, incentives and ways of working that contribute to, or inhibit research use, and to help shift them. Over a 10-month period, small teams of research advocates from 12 different organisations – including government and intergovernmental organisations, managing contractors, non-government organisations (NGOs) and universities – undertook action research projects designed to trial different strategies for improving research use within their organisations. This report synthesises the findings that emerged from the project. It outlines a framework for improving research use based on insights generated through the action research projects. The framework identifies five organisational factors which are the basis for improved research use within organisations: Authorising Environment; Research Culture; Relationships; Capabilities and capacity; Systems and funding. Linked to each of the above five factors are 15 practical strategies for improving research use which have been tested within different types of organisations. Analysis of the portfolio of action research projects provided important insights into the process of improving research use and implementing organisational change. The findings presented in this report are intended to provide ideas and starting points which those in the international development sector can use to strengthen research use in their organisations.


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