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From the military to the academy: supporting younger military veterans in Australian higher education

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posted on 2021-07-13, 23:52 authored by Andrew HarveyAndrew Harvey, Lisa AndrewarthaLisa Andrewartha, Matthew Sharp, Matthew Wyatt-Smith, Sandra Jones, Sue Shore, Michele Simons
In 2018 we conducted the first major national research into the experiences of military veterans in Australian higher education. That research revealed that veterans typically bring significant strengths to their studies, including discipline, leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. These skills prepare many veterans to succeed at university, while their experiences and perspectives can also inform others and contribute to a richer learning experience for all students. Despite these strengths, we found a number of barriers that impede access to higher education. Veterans have relatively high rates of unemployment, and many have suffered physical injuries and/or experienced trauma during their service. Formal support to transition from the military to higher education is relatively low, and many veterans spoke of the complexity of university admissions processes, and of a paucity of information and advice. Others addressed the issue of campus climate, believing that universities were not welcoming places for those who have served in the military.


Department of Veterans Affairs, Australian Government


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Department of Veterans' Affairs

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Centre for Higher Education Equity and Diversity Research, La Trobe University

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