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Cultural erasure: Tracing the destruction of Uyghur and Islamic spaces in Xinjiang

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posted on 2021-11-24, 23:17 authored by Nathan Ruser, James LeiboldJames Leibold, Kelsey Munro, Tilla Hoja
This research report is based on 5 months of intense research on open-source Chinese language documents and the first one to investigate the systematic destruction of Uyghur and Islamic tangible cultural heritage in Xinjiang. It is extensively documented and based on analyses of over three hundred empirical sources.


Institute for War & Peace Reporting | SGECPD19CA0026

US State Department | SGECPD19CA0026


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Australian Strategic Policy Institute

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  • Public sector research report


Australian Strategic Policy Institute

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Barton, Canbeerra


45p. (p. 1-45)

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