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Considering Human Rights in Decision Making: Evaluation of the Introduction of Structured-Decision Making Framework in the Public Trustee Queensland

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posted on 2022-06-20, 01:38 authored by Christine BigbyChristine Bigby, Jacinta DouglasJacinta Douglas, Elizabeth Smith

This report evaluates the introduction of a Structured Decision-Making Framework (SDM Framework) which was one component of the changes made by the Public Trustee Queensland (QPT) to reorient their practice to reflect the new human rights legislative imperatives. It formed part of a new Customer First agenda for the Office. The SDM Framework aimed to assist frontline staff in making better decisions through stronger engagement with customers and their support network throughout the decision-making process (QPT Annual Report, 2020/2021). 


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Queensland Public Trustee

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  • Public sector research report


Living with Disability Research Centre, La Trobe University

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Melbourne, Australia



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