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Buddhist tourism in Asia: towards sustainable development

posted on 2020-12-09, 06:07 authored by Kiran ShindeKiran Shinde, Wee, DSV, Fong, LK, Xiao, H, Kim, YH, Watanabe, T

Buddhist Tourism in Asia: Towards Sustainable Development draws attention to various aspects of Buddhist tourism development in Asia and its interlinkages with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals.

The study is built on case studies of Buddhist tourism from 16 countries across Asia. These countries are not only home to large numbers of Buddhists, they also showcase the legacy of Buddhism, with many examples of its tangible and intangible heritage. Each case study looks at significant examples of Buddhist heritage and its use for tourism purposes, paying particular attention to visitation patterns, promotion, destination management, use of technology and the challenges that come with complying with the sustainable development of tourism. The present publication builds on previous studies on religious tourism in Asia and the Pacific undertaken by UNWTO.


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World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

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  • Public sector research report


World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

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Madrid, Spain


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