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Expert tips on writing Australian Research Council grants

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posted on 2021-05-10, 04:05 authored by Andrea CarsonAndrea Carson, Ariadne Vromen
Want to know how to write the best ARC grant application that you can? In this short video I talk to one of the experts, literally. Former ARC College of Experts Professor Ariadne Vromen.
Professor Vromen is the newly appointed Sir John Bunting Chair of Public Administration at the Australian National University. Professor Vromen will shape ANZSOG’s research activities as Deputy Dean (Research) and be a key member of the ANZSOG Research Committee and the Policy and Governance Department within the Crawford School of Public Policy. Professor Vromen has extensive research experience as a professor of Political Sociology, and in her role as Associate Dean Research, and prior to that the Director of Research Development at the University of Sydney. Her own research interests include: political participation, social movements, advocacy organisations, digital politics, and young people and politics.



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