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Co-producing a Cochrane qualitative evidence synthesis: applying real-world perspectives to full-text screening

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posted on 2019-10-29, 05:31 authored by Bronwen MernerBronwen Merner, Sophie Hill, Dianne LoweDianne Lowe, Louisa WalshLouisa Walsh, Cheryl Wardrope, Cinzia Colombo, Carolyn Gaulden, Lisa Graham-Wisener, Vicki Xafis, Lina Schonfeld, Paul Bryden, Renee Chmielewski, Fiona Martin, David Menzies, Nora Refahi, Roshni Sonawane
This presentation outlines the process taken to involve our stakeholder panel in the full-text screening of a Cochrane qualitative evidence synthesis. The abstract for this presentation was accepted for inclusion in the 2019 Cochrane Colloquium in Santiago however the conference was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.