A guided tour of the secret world behind Wikipedia

2020-02-13T09:59:45Z (GMT) by Thomas Shafee
Melbourne #41 Nerd Nite – 17 February 2020

Everyone knows Wikipedia right? Encyclopedias used to be luxury items, yet now everyone has free access to the largest one that’s ever existed. For something so ubiquitous in our lives, most of how it actually works isn’t commonly known. If the Wikipedia pages you read are the main streets, then behind them are a vast and varied maze of laneways where the people who build it hang out. How is it all organised and how does that affect what’s in the articles? Who’s there and why? Where is the action at? Where is good for newcomers to drop by, and where’s it best to steer clear of? We’ll go on a tour of some of the interesting parts of this world behind Wikipedia. Knowing a few of the back alleys can help you appreciate why the articles are the way they are, and how far you can trust them.

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