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Linking flow variability to food web and ecosystem function outcomes

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posted on 01.05.2020, 10:58 authored by Gavin Rees, Paul McInerney, Rick Stoffels, Michael Shackleton, Daryl Nielsen, Georgia Dwyer, Darren Baldwin, Ewen SilvesterEwen Silvester, Rebecca DurantRebecca Durant, Thelma Vlamis, Centre for Freshwater EcosystemsCentre for Freshwater Ecosystems
MMCP Collaboration (MMCP) is a project supported by the Joint State Governments and the Murray-Darling Basin Authority to generate and adopt freshwater ecological knowledge through collaboration, to maintain research capability and contribute supporting science to underpin the Basin-Wide Watering Strategy.

This project, is one of five research themes that make up MMCP. This research theme examines the importance of macroinvertebrates to riverine food webs.


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La Trobe University; CSIRO

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