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Letter from Pantelis Zavitsanos to Panos Kallinikos = Γράμμα Παντελή Ζαβιτσάνου προς Πάνο Καλλίνικο

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posted on 2021-06-14, 23:25 authored by Greek ArchivesGreek Archives
Letter from Pantelis Zavitsanos to P. Kallinikos found inside "Elementary Treatise of Zoology". The letter has been written on an inside cover paper of a cigarette pack, and with it Zavitsanos expresses his appreciation to Kallinikos regarding his article in the Journal "Elliniki Dimiourgia", issue 74, 1951. In this article, Kallinikos proves the existence of economic and social life in Ithaca before 1500 B.C., based on an old testament from 1585. Zavitsanos also mentions the importance of this document for future studies in Ithacian history. He finally asks to meet Kallinikos in Athens and discuss the opportunity to write something relevant to his forthcoming publication "The Economic life in Ithaca from ancient years to 1450"



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