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Science for All - Publicly funded research report (June 2018-December 2019)

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posted on 2020-05-12, 08:52 authored by Jack NunnJack Nunn
About this document
This document has been written by Jack Nunn, Director of ‘Science for All’, to summarise the research and associated public events we have run since October 2018 which have been funded by both public donations and grants from the State Government of Victoria, Australia. For more information, visit: ScienceForAll.World

About Science for All
‘Science for All’ is a not-for-profit organisation that supports everyone in the world to get involved in shaping the future of human knowledge.
We recognise that many of the challenges facing the planet today do not have solutions which fall into categories such as ‘public health’, ‘environmental studies’ and ‘education’. We recognise that knowledge takes many forms - this includes people who are subject area experts, people with traditional, indigenous or local knowledge – and those with big dreams and big ideas. Our aim is to bring together experts from these diverse areas to work in partnership with as many people as possible by using a combination of free face-to- face events in metropolitan and rural areas, as well as online tools. We do this is through projects like 'Campfires and Science' and 'Wild DNA'.
Involvement and inclusion
‘Science for All’ work to ensure that anyone, anywhere, can be involved in shaping every aspect of our research. All our projects are managed transparently in the public domain using online discussion tools. All our events and training are free to attend, for anyone or any age. Learn more about how you can get involved here: ScienceForAll.World/Contact