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"The bus doesn’t stop for us”: Multilingualism, attitudes and identity in songs of a Tibetic community of Nepal

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posted on 2020-07-28, 06:42 authored by Lauren GawneLauren Gawne, Gerald RocheGerald Roche, Ruth GambleRuth Gamble
This paper draws on song texts from two corpora of Syuba, a Southern Tibetic language of Nepal. The songs have rich, interlinking themes relevant to language, identity and the situated context of Syuba people. We draw upon the texts to illustrate themes of identity, relationship, language, development and space. This analysis is grounded in an interdisciplinary approach bringing together linguistic, anthropological and historical perspectives. Through these themes, we come to a nuanced account of a minority language group, who see themselves as Syuba, Yolmo, Tibetan and Nepali, and how these multiple identities co-exist.


Australian Research Council DP180101651 and DP190101253. David Myers Research Fellowship

David Myers Research Fellowship



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