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Spiritual Care Intervention Codings - Summary Table

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posted on 01.06.2018, 12:48 by Lindsay CareyLindsay Carey, BARBARA GLEESON
WHO-ICD-10-AM Spiritual-Care Intervention Codings (abbev.: 'WHO-SPICs'):

This summary table collated by Carey & Gleeson (2017) provides the accurate coding details for Health Information Managers and/or health care professionals to code the spiritual, religious and pastoral care interventions undertaken by medical, nursing and allied health professionals (including chaplains). There are four specific interventions (spiritual assessment, spiritual support, spiritual care and counselling plus spiritual ritual and worship) plus one generic intervention (allied health spiritual care) to be used for unspecified spiritual care interventions. The correct codings for each intervention and the primary citations/references for the Summary Table are provided. Previously known as the "Pastoral Intervention Codings" (refer Carey & Cohen, 2015), the revised 'WHO- SPICs' can be used for both clinical and research purposes

Background Reference: (Carey, L.B. & Cohen, J., 2015 -


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