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Unlocking consumer consideration set size formation for luxury services: A study of self-identification, brand status and anticipated emotions

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posted on 2023-08-09, 02:04 authored by Vida SiahtiriVida Siahtiri, Aron O'CassAron O'Cass, Nazia Nabi
With a wide array of services touting their luxury and status appeal, consumers must make choices in an increasingly contested marketspace. The choice of luxury services can be complex and entail uncertainty and risk. In an attempt to understand factors that influence consumers’ choices regarding luxury services, this study explores consumers’ consideration set size, the role of self-identification with the service brand, positive anticipated emotions about using the service brand, and perception of the brand's status. We draw on data collected from 448 white-collar professionals who had stayed at hotels. The findings reveal that the effect of self-identification on consideration set size is mediated by the positive anticipated emotions consumers expect to experience when using the service. Furthermore, the path from self-identification through positive anticipated emotions to consideration set size is moderated by the service brand's status. The findings contribute to the evolving luxury services literature and self-congruity theory to explain the mechanisms by which self-identification drives the development of consumers’ consideration sets in the context of luxury service brands. This study further contributes to the luxury literature by accounting for the role of positive anticipated emotions and perceived brand status. Our findings suggest managers should portray customers experiencing positive emotions when using their luxury services to ensure that the alignment of brand and self is correctly translated to their brand being placed in consumers consideration set. Furthermore, we recommend managers to maximise the power of their brand's status which can increase the likelihood of consumers considering their brand.


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