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The protective effects of Achillea fragrantissima on immune response in mice model: A pilot study

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posted on 2021-01-20, 05:30 authored by Abbas Al-Sarraf, Yasmeen Hussien, Yahiya Yahiya, Hayder Al-AubaidyHayder Al-Aubaidy
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The main objective of the present research is to assess the effects of Achillea-fragrantissima on humoral & cellular immunity in the rat model. Achillea fragrantissima flowers are subject to much biochemical analysis with the aim of extracting fatty acids, whether saturated or unsaturated. The lethal dose 50 of the oil extract was 192.5 mg/kg under the surface of the skin, and 687.8 mg/kg oral and a total of 120 mice were included in this research as this group was divided into three study groups (peritoneal injection of Achillea fragrantissima oil extract at 10, 20 and 40 mg/kg of body-weight, (2/day for 10 days), respectively. Group IV has been injected with propylene glycol and used as an mg Ah control. There was significant improvement in the hem agglutination index in the 3 studied-groups when comparing to the control-group (P<0.05). This was associated with a reduction in the feet swelling difference (P<0.01), and a significant increase in the spleen weight (P<0.01), in the 3 studies-groups compared with controlling-group. These effects appeared to be dose dependent. Achillea fragrantissima oil extract appears to possess immunoprotected effects (both humoral and cellular immunity) in mice model.


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