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The impact of COVID-19 on the majority population, ethno-racial minorities, and immigrants: A systematic review on threat appraisals from an inter-group perspective.

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posted on 10.12.2021, 07:27 authored by Politi Emanuel, Lüders Adrian, Sankaran Sindhuja, Joel AndersonJoel Anderson, Van Assche Jasper, Spiritus-Beerden Eva, Roblain Antoine, Phalet Karen, Verelst An, Green Eva
Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic constitutes an unprecedented threat for individuals and societies, revealing stark inequalities in preparedness, exposure, and consequences. The present systematic literature review complements extant knowledge on disasters and pandemic diseases with programmatic research on the COVID-19 pandemic. Building upon an integrative definition of threat, we merge intra-personal threat regulation with group dynamics and inter-group relations. Via streamlined methods of knowledge synthesis, we first map out a broad taxonomy of threats, as appraised by the majority population and ethnoracial and immigrant minorities. Second, we delve into research linking threat appraisals with either conflict or prosociality within and across group boundaries. To conclude, we propose some guidelines for researchers to actively involve ethno-racial and immigrant minorities, and for societies to cope cohesively with the impact of COVID-19.


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