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The final fate of NHC stabilized dicarbon

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posted on 2021-04-21, 06:36 authored by Dayne C Georgiou, Ismael Mahmood, Mohammad A Haghighatbin, Conor HoganConor Hogan, Jason DuttonJason Dutton
In this paper we report the outcome of the reduction of NHC stabilized acetylenic dications, [NHC-C -NHC] for n=2 and 4. The target compounds were NHC stabilized di- A nd tetracarbon in the form of NHC-C -NHC. However, upon chemical reduction, decomposition ensues with release of the free NHC. This effect is also observed in electrochemical studies. This lends credence to Bestman's hypothesis that two donor ligands cannot stabilize C for n=even numbers.


We thank The La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science and the Australian Research Council (JLD, DE130100186, FT160100007) for their generous funding of this project. We thank Dr. Stephen Best of The University of Melbourne for running the EPR experiment.


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Pure and Applied Chemistry






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