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The anti-inflammatory drug aspirin does not protect against chemotherapy-induced memory impairment by paclitaxel in mice

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posted on 2021-01-19, 23:40 authored by A Chang, NC Chung, Adam Lawther, AI Ziegler, DM Shackleford, EK Sloan, AK Walker
© Copyright © 2020 Chang, Chung, Lawther, Ziegler, Shackleford, Sloan and Walker. Inflammation has been proposed to play a causal role in chemobrain which—if true—would represent an opportunity to repurpose existing anti-inflammatory drugs for the prevention and treatment of chemobrain. Here, we show that the chemoagent paclitaxel induces memory impairment and anhedonia in mice within 24 h of treatment cessation, but inflammation is not present until 2 weeks after treatment. We find no evidence of brain inflammation as measured by cytokine analysis at any time point. Furthermore, treating with aspirin to block inflammation did not affect paclitaxel-induced memory impairment. These findings suggest that inflammation may not be responsible for memory impairment induced by paclitaxel. These results contrast with recent findings of a causal role for inflammation in cancer-induced memory deficits in mice that were prevented by treatment with oral aspirin, suggesting that cognitive impairment in cancer patients undergoing treatment may arise from multiple convergent mechanisms.


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Frontiers in Oncology



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12p. (p. 1-12)


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