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Synergistic Interactions of SDGs in Food Supply Chains: A Review of Responsible Consumption and Production, Sustainability

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posted on 2021-09-07, 06:21 authored by Jubin Jacob JohnJubin Jacob John, Clare D'SouzaClare D'Souza, Timothy Marjoribanks, Stephen SingarajuStephen Singaraju
In light of the significance of Food Supply Chains (FSCs) in attaining the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a greater focus on synergistic interactions between these SDGs is called for. Although there is research within this area, the impact on the interactions of responsible consumption and production for supply chains is either fragmented or inconclusive. Implementing supply chain solutions to achieve one goal could potentially support or inhibit progress in other goals; thus, before implementing such solutions, a better understanding of the interrelationships between SDGs is required. A systematic review is conducted to evidence the current nature of the understanding of these interrelationships within the food supply chain context by focusing on Responsible Consumption and Production, which refers to SDG number 12. This review is conducted through a filtering process, where 171 peer-reviewed articles addressing different SDGs were analysed and synthesized. In addition to a detailed summary of the recent literature on the SDGs and their interrelationships, as addressed in the literature, this paper establishes the limitations in the existing literature and research challenges surrounding the SDGs. This article contributes a conceptual framework that identifies stakeholder and consumer pressures as enablers of synergistic interactions between SDGs, thus directing managerial and regulatory interventions through a holistic perspective of SDGs. Finally, the review discusses contradictory findings on SDGs and provides future research avenues.


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