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Sweeping into the Interpretive Turn: Theory and Practice Expansion in Situational Analysis

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posted on 2021-10-05, 04:55 authored by Craig WhiskerCraig Whisker
Between Adele Clarke’s 2005 ground-breaking book, Situational Analysis: Grounded Theory after the Postmodern Turn, and its second edition due for release next year under an expanded authorship and title, comes this effective practice-based taster. Here SA is situated within the interpretive turn, rather than the postmodern as previously, in a shift that might subtly be taking back some of the ground formerly given to Foucault at the expense of Strauss. Exemplars of SA studies, each with a reflective postscript by their authors, provide rich details on methods from a community of scholars, who along with the book’s editors, reproduce the spirit of Strauss’ data analysis group to “turn up the volume” on less heard voices and diverse practices in the situation of SA.


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