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StrongNet: An International Network to Improve Diagnostics and Access to Treatment for Strongyloidiasis Control

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posted on 23.07.2021, 02:48 by M Albonico, SL Becker, P Odermatt, A Angheben, M Anselmi, A Amor, B Barda, D Buonfrate, P Cooper, L Gétaz, J Keiser, V Khieu, A Montresor, J Muñoz, A Requena-Méndez, L Savioli, R Speare, P Steinmann, L van Lieshout, J Utzinger, Z Bisoffi, S Ault, A Bartoloni, ME Bottazzi, E Bottieau, R Bradbury, N Brattig, G Calleri, M Castel, E Caumes, PL Chiodini, E Colli, JJ de los Santos, L Einsiedel, L Ferrero, F Formenti, A Forrer, F Gobbi, S Gombe-Goetz, J Gomez, E Gotuzzo, A Guevara, T Kearns, S Knopp, A Kotze, A Krolewiecki, P Lammie, A Luchanez, P Magnussen, L Marcos, T Marlais, H Marti, J McCarthy, R Mejia, MA Mena, P Mertens, M Miles, I Molina, A Mueller, S Muth, A Neumayr, B Nickel, T Nutman, A Olsen, W Page, F Perandin, MV Periago, K Phongluxa, K Polman, G Raso, M Saboya, S Sayasone, J Seixas, AM Sevcsik, F Schär, H Sheorey, Jennifer ShieldJennifer Shield, AS Arandes, A Steer, A Streit, T Tanaka, J Vercruysse, K Verdonck, L Visser, Y Vonghachack, C Weber, A Yajima, L Zammarchi
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PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases





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ARTN e0004898




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