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Spot Market Cloud Orchestration Using Task-Based Redundancy and Dynamic Costing

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posted on 2023-11-21, 01:09 authored by Vyasa O'NeillVyasa O'Neill, Ben SohBen Soh
Cloud computing has become ubiquitous in the enterprise environment as its on-demand model realizes technical and economic benefits for users. Cloud users demand a level of reliability, availability, and quality of service. Improvements to reliability generally come at the cost of additional replication. Existing approaches have focused on the replication of virtual environments as a method of improving the reliability of cloud services. As cloud systems move towards microservices-based architectures, a more granular approach to replication is now possible. In this paper, we propose a cloud orchestration approach that balances the potential cost of failure with the spot market running cost, optimizing the resource usage of the cloud system. We present the results of empirical testing we carried out using a simulator to compare the outcome of our proposed approach to a control algorithm based on a static reliability requirement. Our empirical testing showed an improvement of between 37% and 72% in total cost over the control, depending on the specific characteristics of the cloud models tested. We thus propose that in clouds where the cost of failure can be reasonably approximated, our approach may be used to optimize the cloud redundancy configuration to achieve a lower total cost.


V.O. was supported in this research by an Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship.


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