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Sport policy in Pakistan

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posted on 2023-11-21, 01:27 authored by Hafsa Ali, Richard Wright, Geoff DicksonGeoff Dickson
This paper critically examines Pakistan’s sports policy, from the design, development and delivery phases through to its public evaluation. In doing so, we identify and address the emerging trends and associated challenges facing sports organisations in a large politically unstable developing nation. Ten interviews and an analysis of over 15 policy documents, including annual reports, were conducted over the three-year period 2019–2021. This critical case study documents the sport-politics nexus in Pakistan, including the ongoing impact of the 2011 18th constitutional amendment on sport. The key conclusions from this study are that the development and delivery of sport policy, at both a domestic and international level, was negatively affected by administrative inefficiencies in organisational structures and the devolution of the Pakistan Sports Board. A lack of public and private sector investment and an unjust distribution of funds were also found to have hindered the nation’s ability to use sport as a vehicle for socio-economic development and soft power projection. In sum, Pakistan’s sports policy and underlying structures fall short of modern international sports requirements, and reform is strongly recommended.


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