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Serial macromolecular crystallography at ALBA Synchrotron Light Source

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posted on 21.06.2022, 06:45 authored by Jose M Martin-Garcia, Sabine Botha, Hao Hu, Rebecca Jernigan, Albert Castellvi, Stella Lisova, Fernando Gil, Barbara Calisto, Isidro Crespo, Shatabdi Roy-Chowdhury, Alice Grieco, Gihan Ketawala, Uwe Weierstall, John Spence, Petra Fromme, Nadia ZatsepinNadia Zatsepin, Dirk Roeland Boer, Xavi Carpena
The increase in successful adaptations of serial crystallography at synchrotron radiation sources continues. To date, the number of serial synchrotron crystallography (SSX) experiments has grown exponentially, with over 40 experiments reported so far. In this work, we report the first SSX experiments with viscous jets conducted at ALBA beamline BL13-XALOC. Small crystals (15-30 µm) of five soluble proteins (lysozyme, proteinase K, phycocyanin, insulin and α-spectrin-SH3 domain) were suspended in lipidic cubic phase (LCP) and delivered to the X-ray beam with a high-viscosity injector developed at Arizona State University. Complete data sets were collected from all proteins and their high-resolution structures determined. The high quality of the diffraction data collected from all five samples, and the lack of specific radiation damage in the structures obtained in this study, confirm that the current capabilities at the beamline enables atomic resolution determination of protein structures from microcrystals as small as 15 µm using viscous jets at room temperature. Thus, BL13-XALOC can provide a feasible alternative to X-ray free-electron lasers when determining snapshots of macromolecular structures.


The following funding is acknowledged: Ayuda de Atraccion y Retencion de Talento Investigador" from the Community of Madrid (scholarship No. 2019-T1/BMD-15552); STC Program of the National Science Foundation through BioXFEL (award No. 1231306); the Centre for Applied Structural Discovery (CASD) at the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University; the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, grants EQC2021-007532-P, PID2020-117028GB-I00, BIO2016-77883C2-2-P.


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Journal of Synchrotron Radiation




Pt 3


12p. (p. 896-907)





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