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Scrapbooking as a tool for transdisciplinary professional learning about HIV and AIDS Curriculum in Higher Education

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posted on 27.07.2021, 05:42 by Linda Van Laren, Kathleen Pitthouse-Morgan, Cal VolksCal Volks, Sianne Abrahams
We worked together as a group of four researchers at two different institutions to explore scrapbooking as a tool for professional learning about HIV and AIDS curriculum integration in higher education. Through a scrapbooking activity we individually and collectively made visible experiences and understandings of being HIV and AIDS curriculum integrators that are hard to put into words. Through collaborative interactions and sharing of our personal images of HIV and AIDS curriculum integration we were able to extend our professional learning in a supportive and creative manner, which fuelled optimism and agency.


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South African Journal of Higher Education






20p. (p. 74-93)


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