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Research methodologies represented (or not) in AJEE

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posted on 2020-12-21, 05:33 authored by Noel GoughNoel Gough
As one of the contributors to the first issue of the Australian Journal of Environmental Education (AJEE) in 1984 (and to a further seven issues between 1991 and 2009), and as a sometime member of its editorial board (1991–1994) and the editorial collective that edited four issues (1999–2002), I have been privileged to witness at close hand its development from infancy to maturity. My particular focus in this brief reflection on the journal's development is on the research methodologies that it has privileged or diminished. In the interests of brevity, I focus in detail only on some tendencies that emerged in the first few issues, with the remainder being dealt with via selective references and impressions.


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