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Reflections on emerging technologies in nanomedicine

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journal contribution
posted on 31.01.2021, 23:37 authored by Munis Dundar, Adam MechlerAdam Mechler, Jean-Pierre Alcaraz, Gary Henehan, Satya Prakash, Ratnesh Lal, Donald K Martin
Nanomedicine technologies seem to play an increasing role in modern medicine. Although there are many challenges, it is important to consider emerging technologies that may impact nanomedicine. To establish a rational basis for such consideration in this review, we summarise the present state-of-the-art in nanomedicine based on a bibliometric analysis of the literature that is available in the Clarivate® Web of Science. Then, we build upon that state-of-the-art to highlight the emerging technologies that may have an impact on nanomedicine. We also reflect on these emerging technologies by highlighting examples in areas, such as gene-based biomedicine, the rational design of antimicrobial peptides, and diagnosis and therapy of the gut microbiota. In general, emerging technologies that are based on bioinspired and biomimetic approaches appear to provide important pointers to future improvements in nanomedicine.


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Erciyes Medical Journal






10p. (p. 370-379)


Erciyes University School of Medicine



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