Recruitment of long-lived floodplain vegetation: Literature review

The ‘Recruitment of Long-lived Floodplain Vegetation’ component of the MDB EWKR Vegetation Theme aims to increase our understanding of how recruitment and seedling establishment occurs in response to varying watering regimes. Four woody floodplain species, River Red Gum, Black Box, Tangled Lignum and Coolibah, were identified as key target species within the Murray–Darling Basin to investigate the drivers of sustainable populations within four field-based research sites, Upper Murray, Lower Murray, Macquarie Marshes and the Lower Balonne floodplain.
Species-specific literature reviews where undertaken to assess and collate existing information available about the recruitment and establishment of seedlings. This review focused on understanding how flow and non-flow drivers influence recruitment and seedling establishment responses and the response to water regimes over multi-year timeframes for the key target species.