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Ratio of Two Independent Lindley Random Variables

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posted on 2023-07-04, 01:38 authored by M Shakil, A Khadim, A Saghir, M Ahsanullah, BM Golam Kibria, Ishaq BhattiIshaq Bhatti
The distribution of the ratio of two independently distributed Lindley random variables X and Y, with different parameters, is derived. The associated distributional properties are provided. Furthermore, the proposed ratio distribution is fitted to two applications data (COVID-19 and Bladder Cancer Data), and compared it with some well-known right-skewed variations of Lindley distribution, namely; Lindley distribution, new generalized Lindley distribution, new quasi Lindley distribution and a three parameter Lindley distribution. The numerical result of the study reveals that the proposed distribution of two independent Lindley random variables fits better to the above said data sets than the compared distribution.


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Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications






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