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Policy-Relevant Spatial Inidicators of Urban Liveability And Sustainability: Scaling From Local to Global

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posted on 2023-07-17, 23:51 authored by C Higgs, A Alderton, J Rozek, D Adlakha, H Badland, G Boeing, A Both, E Cerin, M Chandrabose, C De Gruyter, Alysha De LiveraAlysha De Livera, L Gunn, E Hinckson, S Liu, S Mavoa, JF Sallis, K Simons, B Giles-Corti
Urban liveability is a global priority for creating healthy, sustainable cities. Measurement of policy-relevant spatial indicators of the built and natural environment supports city planning at all levels of government. Analysis of their spatial distribution within cities, and impacts on individuals and communities, is crucial to ensure planning decisions are effective and equitable. This paper outlines challenges and lessons from a 5-year collaborative research program, scaling up a software workflow for calculating a composite indicator of urban liveability for residential address points across Melbourne, to Australia’s 21 largest cities, and further extension to 25 global cities in diverse contexts.


This work was supported by National Health and Medical Research Council [grant numbers 1061404, 9100001, GNT1107672]; Australian Government National Environmental Science Program - Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub; RMIT University; Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) under a Sustainable Development Goals Partnership Grant; Australian Catholic University; Economic and Social Research Council; The Public Good Projects; Global Challenges Research Fund administered by the Department for the Economy, Northern Ireland, UK.


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