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Podiatrist-delivered health coaching to facilitate the use of a smart insole to support foot health monitoring in people with diabetes-related peripheral neuropathy

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posted on 2021-08-03, 00:10 authored by Emma MacdonaldEmma Macdonald, Byron PerrinByron Perrin, L Cleeland, Michael KingsleyMichael Kingsley
This trial evaluated the feasibility of podiatrist-led health coaching (HC) to facilitate smart-insole adoption and foot monitoring in adults with diabetes-related neuropathy. Adults aged 69.9 ± 5.6 years with diabetes for 13.7 ± 10.3 years participated in this 4-week explanatory sequential mixed-methods intervention. An HC training package was delivered to podiatrists, who used HC to issue a smart insole to support foot monitoring. Insole usage data monitored adoption. Changes in participant understanding of neuropathy, foot care behaviours, and intention to adopt the smart insole were measured. Focus group and in-depth interviews explored quantitative data. Initial HC appointments took a mean of 43.8 ± 8.8 min. HC fidelity was strong for empathy/rapport and knowledge provision but weak for assessing motivational elements. Mean smart-insole wear was 12.53 ± 3.46 h/day with 71.2 ± 13.9% alerts not effectively off-loaded, with no significant effect for time on usage F(3,6) = 1.194 (p = 0.389) or alert responses F(3,6) = 0.272 (p = 0.843). Improvements in post-trial questionnaire mean scores and focus group responses indicate podiatrist-led HC improved participants’ understanding of neuropathy and implementation of footcare practices. Podiatrist-led HC is feasible, supporting smart-insole adoption and foot monitoring as evidenced by wear time, and improvements in self-reported footcare practices. However, podiatrists require additional feedback to better consolidate some unfamiliar health coaching skills. ACTRN12618002053202.


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