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Older lesbian and gay men’s perceptions on lesbian and gay youth in Australia

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posted on 2021-03-22, 23:10 authored by Andrea WalingAndrea Waling, Anthony LyonsAnthony Lyons, Beatrice AlbaBeatrice Alba, Victor Minichiello, M Hughes, Catherine Barrett, K Fredriksen-Goldsen, S Edmonds
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Older lesbian and gay people are increasingly open about their sexuality but have also experienced a lifetime of discrimination. These groups have experienced a long history of changes to lesbian and gay rights, and many were also at the forefront of activist movements during the latter half of the 20th century. A deeper knowledge is needed of the life experiences of these groups, including how they view their lives in relation to younger lesbian and gay people. This would assist agencies working with older lesbian and gay people, such as health and support services, to provide more informed engagement, support, understanding, and culturally safe services. Drawing on 33 qualitative interviews with older (60+ years) lesbian and gay people, we explored their experiences during their younger years and their perspectives on how these experiences compare with those of younger lesbian and gay people today. Our findings note that older lesbian and gay people feel life is, in some ways, easier, and in others, still challenging for young lesbian and gay people, and they articulate a need for mutual respect across age groups.


This work was supported by Australian Research Council grant LP160100221.


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