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My name is Maya Lama/Syuba/Hyolmo: Negotiating identity in Hyolmo diaspora communities

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posted on 15.12.2021, 23:17 authored by Lauren GawneLauren Gawne
Hyolmo communities have resided in the Lamjung and Ramechhap districts of Nepal for at least a century, and are part of a historical trend of group migration away from the Hyolmo homelands. These communities have taken different approaches to constructing their identities as belonging to the Hyolmo diaspora; in Lamjung, people readily identify as Hyolmo, while in Ramechhap people accept their Hyolmo history, but have also developed an identity as Kagate (and now Syuba). In this paper I trace these groups’ migration histories. I then look at the variety of names used in reference to these communities, which helps us to understand their historical and contemporary relationships with Hyolmo. Finally, I examine contemporary cultural and linguistic practices in Ramechhap and Lamjung, to see how communities perform their identity as Kagate or Hyolmo, and
as modern Buddhists of Tibetan origin in Nepal.

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European Bulletin of Himalayan Research


29p. (p. 40-58)


Universität Heidelberg, Südasien-Institut



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