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Murray-Darling Basin Environmental Water Knowledge and Research Project: Waterbirds Theme Research Appendix

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posted on 02.09.2020, 00:08 authored by Heather McGinness, Kate Brandis, Freya Robinson, Melissa Piper, Lauren O'Brien, Art Langston, Jessica Hodgson, Lucy Wenger, John Martin, Maria Bellio, Dianne Callaghan, Emily Webster, Roxane Francis, Justine McCann, Mitchell Lyons, Veronica Doerr, Richard Kingsford, Ralph Mac Nally
Appendix 1 McGinness, H. M. (2016) Waterbird responses to flooding, stressors and threats. CSIRO, Australia. Technical literature review report.
Appendix 2 McGinness, H.M., Langston, A., Robinson, F., Piper, M., Martin, J., Doerr, V.A.J., Kingsford, R., and Mac Nally, R. Satellite-tracking ibis and spoonbill movements and habitat choices.
Appendix 3 McGinness, H.M., Robinson, F., Piper, M., and Hodgson, J., Kingsford, R., Mac Nally, R. and Doerr, V.A.J. Quantifying ibis and spoonbill egg and chick survival rates and mortality drivers using motion-sensing and time-lapse cameras.
Appendix 4 Brandis, K., Bellio, M., Callaghan, D., Webster, E., Francis, R. Monitoring ibis and spoonbill nest success through on-ground tagged nest and water depth monitoring.
Appendix 5 Brandis, K., McCann, J., Lyons, M. Ibis and spoonbill nest and colony mapping using drone imagery.
Appendix 6 Ibis and spoonbill chick energy source assimilation. Current authors include: Paul McInerney, Kate Brandis, Heather McGinness, Ralph Mac Nally.
Appendix 7 O’Brien, L. and McGinness, H.M. (in review) Ibis and spoonbill chick energy requirements: Implications for wetland management.
Appendix 8 Lucy Wenger and Heather McGinness (2018) Waterbird Chick Development: A Visual Guide to Selected Australian Species. CSIRO, Australia.
Appendix 9 Webster, E. (2017) Similarities and differences in breeding ecology of straw-necked ibis Threskiornis spinicollis and Australian white ibis T. moluccus in response to environmental flows. Honours thesis, UNSW.
Appendix 10 Theme Data Inventory
Appendix 11 Theme Outputs
Appendix 12 Theme Engagement and Communications Activities


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