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Murray-Darling Basin Environmental Water Knowledge and Research Project: Vegetation Theme Research Appendix

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posted on 02.09.2020, 00:09 authored by Cherie Campbell, Samantha Capon, Susan Gehrig, Cassandra James, Kaylene Morris, Jason Nicol, Daryl Nielsen, Rachael Thomas
Appendix V1.1. Blue, green and in-between; setting objectives for and evaluating wetland vegetation responses to environmental flows
Appendix V1.2 Conceptualisation Research Activity Report
Appendix V1.3 Vegetation outcomes: what are we seeking and why?
Appendix V1.4 Grow with the flow
Appendix V2.1. Disentangling flow-vegetation relationships and legacy effects to inform environmental flows
Appendix V2.2. Data Integration and Synthesis Research Activity Report
Appendix V3.1. Field Assessment Experimental Design report
Appendix V3.2. From the four corners of the Basin: assessing vegetation responses to flow regimes
Appendix V3.3. Vulnerability of resilient systems to the Anthropocene
Appendix V3.4. Field Site Assessment and Germination Trials Research Activity Report
Appendix V4.1. Recruitment of long-lived floodplain vegetation: literature report
Appendix V4.2. Recruitment of long-lived floodplain vegetation: mesocosm study experimental design
Appendix V4.3. Early, late or constant – what are long-lived woody floodplain seedlings looking for?
Appendix V4.4. Giving woody seedlings a fighting start
Appendix V4.5. Contrasting establishment strategies amongst three dominant tree species of Australian desert floodplains
Appendix V4.6. Seedling Mesocosm Research Activity Report
Appendix V5.1. Vegetation Theme Data and Model Inventory
Appendix V5.2. Vegetation Theme Outputs
Appendix V5.3. Vegetation Theme Engagement and Communications activities
Appendix V5.4. Vegetation Theme Final Presentation. Vegetation theme: predicting outcomes in response to flow and other drivers


Department of Environment and Energy, Commonwealth Environmental Water Office


Collaborating Institutions

Griffith University, Flora Fauna Floodplains, James Cook University, Arthur Rylah Institute, South Australian Research Development Institute, CSIRO, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

Research Contact

Cherie Campbell