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posted on 11.02.2021, 23:49 authored by G Masukume, L Kipersztok, Thomas ShafeeThomas Shafee, D Das, MR Laurent, JM Heilman
Correspondence: Approximately 7000 stillbirths occur daily worldwide, and the vast majority of them (98%) take place in low-income and middle-income countries (LMICs). Despite this enormous burden, progress to reduce the death toll is slow and insufficient. WHO released its Making every baby count guide in 2016, which includes strategies aimed at addressing the challenge of stillbirths. Given the flurry of activity and attention on stillbirths from the Lancet Stillbirth Epidemiology investigator group and WHO, we expect that the wealth of information about stillbirths that is generated will filter down in a timely manner to where it is needed most: the general public.


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