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Managing Maternal and Child Health nurses undertaking family violence work in Australia: a qualitative study.

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posted on 2021-09-14, 02:54 authored by Catina AdamsCatina Adams, Leesa HookerLeesa Hooker, Angela Taft


To explore the experience of nurse managers managing Maternal and Child Health nurses undertaking family violence work in Victoria, Australia.


Health care practitioners' ability to address violence against women is strengthened by health service systems that include effective staff management and leadership (García-Moreno et al., 2015). Maternal and Child Health nurses work with women experiencing abuse; however, their support by the health system and their managers has not been examined.


Semi-structured interviews with 12 nurse managers in 2019-2020 explored how they supervised and managed nurses. The data were analysed using Reflexive Thematic Analysis.


We identified three themes - a) managing the service: being resourceful; b) supporting nurses' emotional safety; c) hitting the ground running: the demands on the manager.


Inadequate support for nurse managers undermines workplace well-being and role satisfaction, impacting the safety and supervision of nurses doing family violence work.

Implications for nursing management

An integrated family violence systems approach must include improved training and support for nurse managers to enable reflective practice and ensure effective support for nurses working with women experiencing abuse.


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