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Malnutrition defined by GLIM criteria identifies a higher incidence of malnutrition and is associated with pulmonary complications after oesophagogastric cancer surgery, compared to ICD-10-defined malnutrition

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posted on 2023-11-03, 04:57 authored by Lisa MurnaneLisa Murnane, Adrienne ForsythAdrienne Forsyth, J Koukounaras, K Shaw, Susannah KingSusannah King, WA Brown, M Mourtzakis, Audrey TierneyAudrey Tierney, PR Burton
Background & Objectives: Low muscle mass, measured using computed tomography (CT), is associated with poor surgical outcomes. We aimed to include CT-muscle mass in malnutrition diagnosis using the Global Leadership Initiative on Malnutrition (GLIM) criteria, compare it to the International Classification of Diseases 10th Revision (ICD-10) criteria, and assess the impact on postoperative outcomes after oesophagogastric (OG) cancer surgery. Methods: One hundred and eight patients who underwent radical OG cancer surgery and had preoperative abdominal CT imaging were included. GLIM and ICD-10 malnutrition data were assessed against complication and survival outcomes. Low CT-muscle mass was determined using predefined cut-points. Results: GLIM-defined malnutrition prevalence was significantly higher than ICD-10-malnutrition (72.2% vs. 40.7%, p < 0.001). Of the 78 patients with GLIM-defined malnutrition, low muscle mass (84.6%) was the predominant phenotypic criterion. GLIM-defined malnutrition was associated with pneumonia (26.9% vs. 6.7%, p = 0.010) and pleural effusions (12.8% vs. 0%, p = 0.029). Postoperative complications did not correlate with ICD-10 malnutrition. Severe GLIM (HR: 2.51, p = 0.014) and ICD-10 (HR: 2.15, p = 0.039) malnutrition were independently associated with poorer 5-year survival. Conclusions: GLIM criteria appear to identify more malnourished patients and more closely relate to surgical risk than ICD-10 malnutrition, likely due to incorporating objective muscle mass assessment.


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