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Making gender along the way: women, men and harm in Australian alcohol policy

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posted on 04.05.2021, 05:36 authored by Duane DuncanDuane Duncan, H Keane, David MooreDavid Moore, M Ekendahl, K Graham
Analysis of alcohol policy suggests women are marked out for special attention while men and masculinities are often ignored. In this paper, we employ Carol Bacchi’s work on ‘gendering practices’ and John Law’s concept of ‘collateral realities’ to examine how gender is constituted in Australian alcohol policy. For Bacchi, policies actively produce what it is possible for ‘men’ and ‘women’ to become. For Law, realities are constituted through methodological instruments and representational practices. We analyze the making of three collateral realities in Australian alcohol policy: gender as an individual attribute; gender as a synonym for women; and gender as confined to the domestic sphere. These collateral realities contribute to the maintenance of binary notions of gender and reinforce a straightforwardly causal role for alcohol in harms, including violence. Attention to the political effects of these ‘realities’ should be prioritized in the development of more equitable responses to alcohol and harm.


This work was supported by the Australian Research Council [DP180100365].


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