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In vitro inhibitory activities of sugarcane extract on avian Eimeria sporozoites

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posted on 2021-09-28, 00:12 authored by A Daneshmand, P Young, B Campbell, SK Kheravii, NK Sharma, R Afshari, DA Dias, Matthew FlavelMatthew Flavel, Barry KitchenBarry Kitchen, SB Wu
The current in vitro study aimed to investigate the effects of a processed sugarcane extract on the viability of avian Eimeria sporozoites. Treatments were applied to hatched sporozoites: 1) without additives (no-treatment control); 2) with ethanol; 3) with salinomycin; 4) with Polygain™. All treatments were incubated in RPMI media containing live sporozoites at 37 °C for 14 h and then the number of viable sporozoites were counted. Compared to the no-treatment control, Polygain™ decreased (P < 0.001) the counts of E. maxima, E. acervulina, E. bruneti, and E. mitis sporozoites to a level similar to salinomycin (P > 0.05). In conclusion, Polygain™ could be a potential candidate as an anticoccidial agent.


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International Journal for Parasitology: Drugs and Drug Resistance









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