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Global repair bandwidth cost optimization of generalized regenerating codes in clustered distributed storage systems

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posted on 2022-02-09, 22:14 authored by S Gu, F Wang, Q Zhang, T Huang, Wei XiangWei Xiang
In clustered distributed storage systems (CDSSs), one of the main design goals is minimizing the transmission cost during the failed storage nodes repairing. Generalized regenerating codes (GRCs) are proposed to balance the intra-cluster repair bandwidth and the inter-cluster repair bandwidth for guaranteeing data availability. The trade-off performance of GRCs illustrates that, it can reduce storage overhead and inter-cluster repair bandwidths simultaneously. However, in practical big data storage scenarios, GRCs cannot give an effective solution to handle the heterogeneity of bandwidth costs among different clusters for node failures recovery. This paper proposes an asymmetric bandwidth allocation strategy (ABAS) of GRCs for the inter-cluster repair in heterogeneous CDSSs. Furthermore, an upper bound of the achievable capacity of ABAS is derived based on the information flow graph (IFG), and the constraints of storage capacity and intra-cluster repair bandwidth are also elaborated. Then, a metric termed global repair bandwidth cost (GRBC), which can be minimized regarding of the inter-cluster repair bandwidths by solving a linear programming problem, is defined. The numerical results demonstrate that, maintaining the same data availability and storage overhead, the proposed ABAS of GRCs can effectively reduce the GRBC compared to the traditional symmetric bandwidth allocation schemes.


National Natural Sciences Foundation of China, Grant/Award Numbers: 62027802, 61831008; Guangdong Science and Technology Planning Project, Grant/Award Numbers: 2018B030322004, 2021A1515011572; Shenzhen Natural Science Fund, Grant/Award Number: JCYJ20200109112822953; Shenzhen Natural Science Fund -Stable Support Plan Program, Grant/Award Number: GXWD20201230155427003-20200824081029001


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