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General practitioner service provision in residential aged care facilities: 1998-2011

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Aim: To examine the general practitioner (GP) consultation patterns for primary health-care services provided in residential aged care facilities (RACFs) by consultation type. Method: Analyses of service provision and RACF population data for the period 1998-2011. All Medicare-subsidised services provided by GPs across Australia in RACFs were included and categorised by consultation type and by time of service delivery (business or after-hours). Results: Overall service delivery increased from 12118 per 1000 residents in financial year (FY) 1998-99 to 17079 per 1000 residents in FY2010-11, a 41% increase. Since FY2007-08, the rate of brief consultations has grown by an average of 20% each year. Delivery of after-hours consultations also increased. Conclusions: The pattern of GP services provided in RACFs has changed substantially over time. To some extent these changes reflect regulatory adjustments; however, the pattern is at odds with the ever-increasing dependence levels of residents. © 2012 The Authors. Australasian Journal on Ageing © 2012 ACOTA.


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